The Golden Mile


The Golden Mile

There is a place in Hong Kong
Some call The Golden Mile
I never should have stopped there
Or even paused a while
An Aussie made me do it
She said “Just come and look”
She should have known me better
For now I’m feeling crook

I’m waiting by my letterbox
In case the postman comes
‘Cause my Visa statement’s coming
And I’ve really come undone
You see at The Golden Mile
The Lady’s name is Sal
She greets you very warmly
And tells you she’s your pal

There’s a glass of cool iced water
And for my aching legs, a stool
Sal’s certainly got lots of jewelry
The kind that makes you drool
I sat and stared and looked around
My friend had been before
Her hands adorned with diamond rings
Good God! She’s buying more!

But Sal knows what she’s doing
She’s waiting for that hint
And when that sapphire hit the counter
My eyes gave off that glint
I never should have bought it
But I couldn’t put it down
Now I own the biggest ring
They’ve seen in my small town

So next time when an Aussie
Living in Hong Kong
Says “Let’s go look at jewelry,
You really can’t go wrong.”
Don’t forget that when you
Have to go back home
That your husband will be waiting
And you Visa statement’s grown