The Fabric Stash

I have a little problem
It’s called my fabric stash
My husband doesn’t know it
But it cost a lot of cash

It started out as remnant pieces
I bought from a shop
But then became addictive
And I really couldn’t stop

Fat eighths became fat quarters
Two metres became three
But when I purchased a whole bolt
I sought psychiatry

I just can’t pass your patchwork shop
I have to come and see
If there is any missing piece
Inside your shop for me

So hubby starts to realize
One fabric cupboard becomes two
He keeps me from your patchwork shop
To keep our marriage true

So I sit at my computer
While I’m banished to the house
But he’ll have to hide my credit card
‘cause I can click a mouse!

Well, there isn’t any answer
To this tale of fabric woe
For this hobby is delightful
And your fabric stash will grow

Just remember the old saying
As you purchase with a grin
“She who dies with the most fabric
……….. will win!”