The Seven Deadly Sins

There’s Seven Deadly Sins you know but I had to Google them on-line
And there they were in black and white so now I’ll take the time
To share with you the secrets of this very important list
I’ll check them one by one with you just in case you’re a hedonist!

The first is LUST considered by some as the most deadly sin of man
To say the word out loud makes me blush; oh please pass me a fan!
Intense desire (not only for sex) it could be money, power or fame
Put Dante’s Purgatorio‘s unforgiven souls into a fiery pit of flame
But thankfully the antidote to lust is CHASTITY, for sure
But I don’t know where the key to my belt went….
Maybe it fell through a crack in the floor?

The second GLUTTONY is not so bad, or so it seems to me
My love of chocolate quickly consumed ever so greedily
But over consumption to the point of waste is what they’re trying to teach
Hopefully to share your lot around and not keep others out of reach

For gluttony is selfish and this tendency to sin
Will see your selfishness unrewarded for not letting others in
The antidote is TEMPERANCE; I can hear your feeble moans
But the only Temperance that I recall is the scientist in “Bones”

The third is GREED also known as avarice (now I had to look that up)
It’s the sin of excess, cupidity or covetousness, to overflow your cup
So don’t amass great piles of things and be careful of possessions
Or you’ll possibly compromise any chance you have of getting into Heaven
So someone kindly put a lock onto my password on eBay
And cut up all my credit cards and throw my cheques away
For here my cure is CHARITY; I’ve heard of her before
I’ll endeavour to keep my ear out when she’s knocking at my door

Number four is SLOTH which can be interpreted two ways
Defined as physical or spiritual laziness to the very end of days
But sloth to me I visualise a lazy creature up in a tree
Which I can assure you now is not at all like me
For I attack the things I do at a very rapid rate
Perhaps it’s time for DILIGENCE to help me to compensate
This sin perhaps throughout my life has most affected me
But just in action, not in words and never spiritually

Five is WRATH a nasty one, of hatred, anger and rage
The sin that hurts us all with spite at any tender age
For someone who is hard of heart is just no fun at all
Their cutting words of revenge, jealousy and anger will befall
PATIENCE here will rescue you with her capacity for calm endurance
Tolerance and understanding wipes self-destructiveness; I give you my assurance

ENVY comes at number six characterised by insatiable desire
She’s the one you’ve got to watch, she leaves your heart on fire!
For envy only poisons you and makes you “sorrow for another’s good”
You’re not supposed to wish you house looked like another in your ‘hood
KINDNESS will relieve you here and make you see for sure
In confession acceptance is the way to go to see you through the door

And here we are at number seven PRIDE the final sin of all
The one the old saying tells you will come before a fall
It’s the most deadly sin of all, the one that consumes us the most
And keeps us further from the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost
HUMILITY’S your virtue here to save you from the fire
To cast out all your selfish thoughts, to this you must aspire

So now you know the Yin and Yang, I’ve explained to you the list
I hope you listened carefully and there’s nothing that you missed
‘Cause you only get one go at it when living out your life
And walking in the sinner’s shoes will get you into strife
So choose your path with carefulness and come along with me
But could you kindly let me know if you find my little key?