The Op-Shopping Towney

The Op-Shopping Towney

I’ve got a little issue with my wardrobe- it’s too small
It’s packed right to the gunnels; there’s no room in it at all
But I grateful it’s a walk-in, ‘cause I put in a stand
But now that’s chockers also; lucky I don’t have a man

I think clothes are my obsession and I just can’t get enough
But I op-shop and I justify and say it’s all pre-loved
‘Cause you’re the silly person who pays for it full price
But I clothes at Vinnies and I think they’re just as nice

But instead of paying half my wages I just pay five bucks
But Op-Shopping is a lotto and you have to have good luck
Some days you’re empty handed, some days you have a win
They’re the days you come out smiling with a Cheshire grin

But I’ve also got a hankering for anything RM
I wear their gear from head to foot which always gets a grin
From graziers who pass into town; they find it quite a hoot
That I’ve got golden horns emblazoned on my RAV4 boot

I’ve got enough RM stuff to kit out a whole yard
Of farmers and producers- it really wouldn’t be that hard
But when the catalogue comes out I’ll be waiting by the door
Of my local RM clothing shop so that I can buy lots more

But if I’m in the Op-shop and I find my holy grail-
Some RM on a hanger, well I’ll never ever fail
To pay the money, give a cheer and run right out that door
It’s almost better than the DFO* and cheaper too, for sure

But if you’re in the country and you see me driving in
Don’t worry that I’ll go “off road” or cause you any din
For I’ve only got the faux wheel drive; the RAV4, she’s a two
This towney’s on a mission and she’s only passing through

*Direct Factory Outlet

What’s a “towney?” I’ve called a city dweller who goes out into the county dressed from head to foot in RM Williams a towney!