NEET Bennies

NEET Bennies

Are you an Aussie battler? Perhaps your father was one too
Are you working 9-to-5 each day and just barely scraping through?
Perhaps you’ve got a long established business with a solid reputation
Or you’re a baby boomer in retirement happily travelling ’round the nation

Whatever situation you are in for me I know money’s always tight
I pay the bills and rent; buy the food -it’s such a struggle each fortnight
In times gone by without a job unemployment meant you got ‘the dole’
At the DSS public servants handed out paper money that you could fold

But have you noticed how Centrelink quietly morphed into myGov?
Now they’ve tightened up procedure ‘cause they’re made of sterner stuff
You’ll need a Customer Reference Number and a secret logon code
If you don’t have them ready for the electronic lady on the phone she might implode

Later, a dole cheque would be delivered to your house by postie on his bike
Each fortnight just like ‘cash in hand’ to do with as you like
Go surfing up and down the coast? Yeah why not, let’s go now!
For it didn’t matter what you did as no one told you ‘how’

Perhaps you had multiple identities as you moved from place to place
As you registered for Newstart where they didn’t know your face
Today fraud’s a little harder as agencies share their information
It prevents scammers taking precious funds that could benefit our nation

Now the CRN’s tightened things online so this rort has been expunged
There’s no more double dipping now to gather extra funds
Not only that, there’s no more cheques; they’ve long gone by the way
Payments are scheduled electronically, deposited as your fortnights’ pay

Look, I know there’s never jobs for all and I’ve used Bennie’s too
When my life turned slightly pear-shaped and I wound up in the ‘poo’
What riles me though are those who somehow never seem to work
No contribution anywhere it seems- from work, a total shirk

In fact there’s even terminology for this new breed on the street
Young teens who don’t do anything; myGov’s calling them the ‘NEET’
Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training might be OK when you’re so young
But without superannuation in retirement you’re really going to come undone

I wonder how they do it; how do they get away
Without reporting to tick boxes to ensure they get their pay?
For it doesn’t matter what I do (and it makes me quite deranged)
Suddenly there’s a letter in my inbox asking “if my circumstance has changed”

In Australia my voice recognises me- I’d say that’s very true
Perhaps next they’ll microchip my neck or barcode me with tattoo
While the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ gets wider every year
Let’s hope the NEETs will finally see the light and get up off their rear