My Mother Said

My Mother Said

My mother gave another sigh
Her bosom heaved in sad reply
And as she leaned upon the sink
She said “What will the neighbours think?”
There are many sayings my mother taught us
And some I’ve passed on to my daughters
But some are old and seem to be
Fading to obscurity

You see there’s no such thing as in-between
As kids twitter, twerk and blog their screen
Children used to read upon my lap
Now all they need is a smart app
And I do hate it when they sit and stare
At my Motorola Flare*
For even grannies seem to have it made
With every iPhone they upgrade

In my day at twenty-one I got “the key”
But now all open electronically
Things have changed at such a rate
That children cannot demonstrate
Such things as chasey, hide and seek
Or run through willows by the creek
When I was four I used to skip
Milk bottle in hand, my daily trip
Through underpass just near our shop
Past the homeless man…..and there I’d stop!
“Is there anything at all you need today?”
And then I’d run and skip and play

I’m sure that if I did that now
I’d not return (I know not how)
And all that there’d be left of me
Would be Crimestoppers on TV
My lifeless body with red strings and lines
On a detective’s whiteboard intertwined
To show that children should never stray
From parents safety, far away

And God forbid, if I should slip
With glass in hand, well, then I’d sit
In A&E for thirty hours
Just to feel life’s fateful powers
In years gone by all I would see
Were Dettol and Band-aid on my knee
Perhaps a tetanus injection for my crimes
Mother’s words ringing “How many times…….”

My mother said for women like me
Over thirty five no skirts above knees
And red and green should never be seen
And white at night is just not right
But sometimes I wish that mother had said
“Don’t marry that man, you’re in over your head!”

Cause, quite frankly I don’t care what the neighbours might think
With my Parkinson’s I know life’s too damn precious to be chained to that sink
Just remember on Earth all families are like yours
They take the good with the bad, celebrations and wars
Just remember as my Great-Granny said:
“£2 to find out and £200,000 to hide it instead”

* a chunky mobile phone from 1995