Bought to tears

Bought to tears 

Have you noticed recently that sentences with danger are quite fraught
Because most folk don’t know the difference between two words Bought and brought
What gets me riled up is when I hear it from our journalists and teachers
These professions should know better; english and grammar their stand out features

But no. The thing that riles me most; it really gets my goat
When I hear it on the TV I want to throttle by the throat
The voice-over man says “Today’s weather, is bought to you by Coles”
But I’m not even listening
I’m screaming “No it’s not you stupid moles!”

Today’s weather wasn’t bought at all unless of course you’re Coles
Who paid good money to Channel 7 to see their sponsorships evolve
No, the weather was brought today; they gave it too you, see?
To bring, and past participle brought is needed here it’s pretty clear to me

Why can’t they put their words together, English classes did they miss?
For it seems no one anywhere understands the difference, their sentence structure is remiss
For this valuable lesson must be taught, I know it to be true
That ‘bought’ and ‘brought’ are not the same word
You can’t interchange the two

The problem with sentence structure today’s that no one seems to care
But using ‘bought’ and ‘brought’ incorrectly is sending me quite spare

Brought is the past tense participle of the word you know as bring
It’s when you take oneself to a place, convey or carry on a thing
So yes, I brought my dog with me his show name’s Sapphire King
If I’d said ‘I’d bought him here with me” it means a completely different thing

Bought is when you purchase; when you’re handing over cash
It’s the past tense of ‘to buy’ its true it’s really not that rash
So don’t say here’s my brother, I bought him here for you
Cause human trafficking’s illegal I’m pretty sure it’s true

So could you kindly take a quick look at your sentence’s construction
Use English in the right way not ensuring it’s destruction
Please use bought and brought correctly; you really need to get it right
Hopefully when you do, I’ll sleep a little better here at night!