The Aldi Centre Aisle

I have a small confession called the Aldi centre aisle

I know I shouldn’t go there or even pause a while

Because I come out with lots of stuff I simply just don’t need

But I buy it ‘cause it’s useful- not because of greed


When I go in I try to shop just around the sides

But it really is quite futile for the Aldi centre aisle

Is calling me to come and see what specials on today

You never know what you might find inside those Aldi bays!


Some shoppers get up bright and early before the crack of dawn

They’re waiting for doors to open on a Wednesday or Saturday morn

There’re the ones you’ve got to watch; they know what’s going on

For they’ve scoped the Aldi catalogue and made shopping lists quite long


Well, I’ve bought silicon bake ware and I don’t even cook

And a Wonder Woman DVD collection (the acting was truly crook)

And an adjustable impact hammer drill for $19.99

Although I’m not a handy man I’m sure it will be fine

Last Saturday I bought a motor cycle jacket and a pair of pants

And today I got a ballet outfit and look at me; I can’t even dance

But shopping there is lots of fun, it really is quite fine

Where else can you buy Pferrenusse when it’s Christmas time?


By the time you’re at the checkout I’m sure that you will find

That your shopping bags are fuller than what you had in mind

Don’t stress or worry, when you get home put those impulse buys away

I’m sure you will use them……one rainy winter’s day!